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Ways To Make Apartment Complexes Safe For Everyone To Enjoy

Some people invest in properties with multiple units to rent them out to tenants. The endeavors allow landlords to have steady money coming in each month, which they can use to upgrade complexes, pay taxes, or handle other bills. They can pretty...Read More

Security Tips For Safeguarding Your Restaurant

American restaurants are going through unprecedented times during this Covid-19 crisis across the United States. Even those are struggling, and navigating new waters when it comes to reopening their dining areas, catering to outdoor seating,...Read More

Some of the Top-Targeted Items in Home Burglaries

To better protect our homes, it is important to be aware of what we have and what a burglar may be targeting when they zero in on our home and property. Knowing this information can better prepare us as we look for the best home security solutions....Read More

4 Ways To Improve COVID-19 Retail Security

Unfortunately, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world has dramatically changed life everywhere. It's meant some significant changes for many businesses, including retail ones. However, as life slowly transitions into a new kind of...Read More

Do You Need Patrolled Units On Your Property?

Patrolled units—you have seen them rolling down the streets, and they look intimidating to many. Uniformed patrol officers carry an air of authority around them that makes them an effective crime deterrent. This is why a lot of people,...Read More

Keeping Your Retail Store Safe From Vandalism And Break-Ins

  Starting your own business is an investment, and it is one that means a great deal to many across the United States. Those with their own businesses know how important it is to keep their establishments protected. Vandalism and break-ins are...Read More

Alibi Cloud VS Success Story - Residential Police Officer

Learn how one busy police officer looked to Alibi Cloud VS for an off-premise security solution, and how it provided him with greater cost-savings and security than a traditional system could offer.  The Client  Five years ago, Ronald, a...Read More

Why DIY Security Systems For Your Small Business Is A Bad Idea

Businesses and the rest of the US are affected by various crimes, such as employee theft lost. It has also been discovered that 95% of employees steal from their employees, based on a 2013 anonymous survey of 50 retail and...Read More

Protect Your Property And Family With These Security Tips

People buy houses in safe and inviting neighborhoods whenever possible. They are in areas with nice public parks, low crime rates, and excellent school districts. These properties give the purchasers peace of mind. They like knowing that they have...Read More

5 Mistakes That Put the Security of Your Home at Risk

The home security options we choose are important. Home security isn't something you can just jump into without doing some research and determining exactly what it is your property, and home need to be safe and protected. So, today, we will be going...Read More

How To Secure Your Front Door

When we think about burglars, we imagine them lurking around our homes, sneaking behind bushes, and climbing into a window. Though thieves often do use windows, the majority of burglars use our front doors to enter our home. So when it comes to...Read More

Common Security Mistakes Homeowners Do

The unexpected circumstances that the coronavirus brought have affected the way people live. A lot of companies have decided to implement a work from home set up. Because of this, more individuals spend most of their days inside their...Read More

Preventing Employee Theft In Your Business

As a business owner, you would never want to think badly about your employees. However, 75% of employees are reported to have stolen from their employers at least once. To make things worse, employee theft costs businesses $50 billion...Read More

3 Benefits of Cloud Video Security for Multi Location Retail Businesses

Retailers require a secure video surveillance system to keep their multi-location business safe. Cloud video surveillance offers a flexible, off-premise solution to mitigate security and safety threats like shoplifting, inventory loss, on-site...Read More

Not All Surveillance Cameras Require Internet Connection

Internet protocol (IP) security cameras are very popular right now for security surveillance. Using IP, you can monitor, record and access your footage easily. IP cameras are easy to install with no costly wiring or damage to your property. However,...Read More

Consider Installing Home Security Cameras In These Places

More and more homeowners, including those right here in Denton, are choosing to install security cameras. Some folks do so to save some money on their home insurance. After all, many agencies have programs that offer policyholders' discounts once...Read More

What Features Do You Need In A Security Camera

Home and business owners in Denton, TX are coping with much dramatic work and lifestyle changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is a global phenomenon. For some, this has raised significant security concerns. While it doesn’t apply to most...Read More

4 Reasons Why MultiSite Franchise Owners Depend on Cloud Video Surveillance to Secure Their Business

A video security system offers countless benefits for any business owner, from reducing the risk of lawsuits to proving fault during a break-in.  It becomes essential for those who own a multi-site franchise business to have a secure platform...Read More

Alibi Cloud VS Customer Success Stories OUTDOOR POWERSPORTS USA

Within the last year, Outdoor Powersports USA had encountered weekly episodes of theft and vandalism. Between damage to the exterior of their building and stolen merchandise, they knew he needed a modern surveillance system to solve several security...Read More

Keep Your Property Safe This Halloween

According to recent polls, the top 3 favorite American holidays are Christmas in the number one spot, Thanksgiving at number two, and Halloween rounding out the top three. Each of these holidays presents their own safety and security concerns, but...Read More

How a Home Security System Can Stop Germs in Their Tracks

As we adjust to a new normal in our homes and lives amidst the coronavirus pandemic in Denton, we also try to find ways to practice better hygiene and keep germs at bay. Did you know that your home security system is actually a good way to...Read More

Is It Time To Install A Home Security System?

Some states have eased the stay home orders due to the COVID-19 crisis. But some locations in the US are still sticking to the CDC and federal government guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading. This pandemic is going to result in lots of...Read More

Home Security Essentials When You Have Kids

As a parent, it is only natural to be constantly worried about your kid’s safety. After all, the majority of parents in Denton cannot be with their kids 24/7. However, thanks to developments in home security, you do not just get to watch your...Read More

Tips For A Secure Home This Fall

While it may still be summer in Denton, TX, you will quickly notice the days getting shorter and the nights growing chillier throughout the region. The end of summer is the beginning of the cool season transitional period, and it is the perfect time...Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Security With Cloud Surveillance

The demand has never been greater for organizations to invest in cloud surveillance – and that’s especially true for businesses that require higher camera counts or operate in a multi-site environment. This blog post will dive into how...Read More

Alibi Cloud VS Customer Success Stories - HEALTHWORKS ERGONOMICS

Healthworks Ergonomics had experienced multiple episodes of unforeseen hardware costs with their on-premise recorder, and needed a scalable security system that would accommodate both their immediate and long-term security and budgetary needs. Learn...Read More

Keeping Your Pets Safe And Secure

67% of families in the United States have at least one pet, and this translates to roughly 85 million households, including those in Denton, TX. Of those pet-owning households, a whopping 95% consider their pets to be part of the family. Just like...Read More

How Secure Are Your Windows?

When considering your home security in Denton, TX, your doors are likely your top priority. It makes sense since most burglars choose to go through the door rather than making a conspicuous entrance in another way. However, for particularly...Read More

How Safe Are Your Valuables?

When you think about your security in Denton, TX, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Chances are, you’re thinking about preventing intruders from getting inside. While that is a major security concern, it is not the only...Read More

Creating a Safer Remote Learning Environment for Your Children at Home

With the coronavirus pandemic still surging on, many Denton families have made the tough decision to transition their children from face to face learning to remote learning at home. No matter what, school is going to be very different than what we...Read More

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